STRAIGHT TEETH SOLUTIONS So You Can Smile With Confidence

Invisalign - Removable Clear Aligners

Invisalign in Ealing is one of our most popular treatments

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a clear plastic removable tray known as an aligner which is virtually invisible. A series of aligners are made to straighten your teeth

Who is Invisalign suitable for?

  • We treat adults aged 18 and over


Being made from a smooth material, they hug the contours of your teeth to provide a comfortable gentle pressure.

What do they do

  • Invisalign works for moderately crowded or spaced teeth.

How are they worn?

Each aligner is worn for 1-2 weeks aiming for 22 hours a day wear. Each aligner will move the teeth a certain amount and then swopped for the next aligner.

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Our Invisalign Success Stories

Before Treatment
After Treatment
Before Treatment
After Treatment
Before Treatment
After Treatment

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Beautifully straight teeth. Invisalign can give you lovely smile with very straight teeth.
Removable, so you can brush, clean and floss your teeth as normal.
Eat the foods you enjoy. There is no restriction on the foods you can eat.
They are virtually invisible.
Widen your smile. Invisalign can broaden your smile.
Digitally planned. Your new smile is planned by computer and you get to see your very own treatment video before starting treatment.
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What are the disadvantages?

  • Certain rotations can be challenging.
  • Severe crowding and large spaces may be better treated with Fixed braces.
  • 100% compliance is needed. If the aligners are not worn as directed, they will not work effectively.

How do I get started ?

  • A consultation is required

Invisalign Fees Information

From £2300-£4500

Free Consultation, Free removable retainer

What Our Patients Say

  • I had an outstanding experience with Dr Nick Simon. He is a perfectionist and he will make your smile really nice in 6 months. You should go for everything he recommends from braces to bonding and whitening. All the people you meet in this dental practice are nice and professional.

    Zuzana Samji
  • So happy with the results of my teeth after Six Month braces with Dr Nick Simon. I finally have teeth I feel confident smiling with, so can't thank you enough. Great dental practice from the lovely receptionists to the care and professionalism of Dr Nick Simon. Highly recommend.

    Sassy H-S
STRAIGHT TEETH SOLUTIONS So You Can Smile With Confidence
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